In order to make our evenings as enjoyable as possible for everyone, we ask that everyone attending follows these simple guidelines.

Opening Hours:

Tuesdays:        10.00am till 2pm

Wednesdays:   10.00am till 2pm

Wednesdays:   6.30pm till 11pm (special events only)

Thursdays:       6.30pm till 11pm

Fridays:           6.30pm till midnight

Saturdays:       6.30pm till midnight

Sundays:         3pm till 9pm

Note: The Club may close earlier if the last patrons leave prior to regular closing.

The doors open at 6.30pm (other than Sundays) – arriving early may increase your available play and socialising time.

  • Patrons are requested to arrive before the doors are locked at 10pm.

    • Patrons will not be allowed to enter after this time unless prior arrangements have been made with management.

  • At closing time mood lighting will cease and house lights may be lit. Patrons are requested to depart at this time.

Attire: All patrons are required to arrive and leave the club dressed so as not to cause offence to members of the public.

  • Smartly dressed attire (not casual) is the minimum standard acceptable (however on theme nights, you are welcome to wear a costume instead).

    • eg. Gents – trousers/chinos & collared shirts, Ladies – garments suitable for a more “smartly attired” occasion

  • Not accepted – (casual attire) – e.g. flip-flops/crocs, casual fabric shorts, work jeans, shirts made of T-shirt fabric (ie tank tops, T-shirts), clothes with rips, tears, etc.

  • Patrons not meeting the minimum dress standards will be refused entry.

  • The venue is air-conditioned.

Note: Once you are inside the club, if you are feeling comfortable regarding removing your attire – you may also choose to follow another option listed further below under the title Lingerie/Fetish apparel/Nudity/Robes.


Club 86 is BYO. Please feel free to bring your favourite drop to enjoy (but don’t forget to collect it at the end of the night or the club may dispose of it).

  • All BYO drinks will be, given to the bar attendant for safekeeping where they will be labelled with your name and will be served in accordance with relevant alcohol laws. 

    • If you haven’t placed a label on your bottle prior to arriving, the bar attendant will aid you with this.

  • Ice and standard mixers, if required, will be provided by the club.


Only YES is YES, Anything else including silence is a No

“May I touch you?” is what you should ask before touching someone at Club86.

  • Patrons are asked to behave in a respectful manner to all patrons and staff.

    • If in doubt ask, always ask permission before touching or joining in and whilst the Club understands that a few drinks can make the evening more enjoyable, intoxicated patrons may be asked to leave.

    • Please feel free to approach any staff members about any concerns you may have.

All sexualities and genders are welcome at Club 86.

  • Straights, Bi-sexuals and all other sexualities are welcome at Club86.

  • All genders of any definition are welcome at Club86.

  • Please be open-minded when attending and still be mindful of potential “sensitivities”. If you are unsure, simply ask the person you are talking to, as most patrons will openly answer this for you.

Club 86 is a member’s only club:

(1st-time visitors may attend once before needing to become financial members – other than 1st-time visitors, only financial members will be admitted to the club). 

  • If you are attending an event:

    • Becoming a Member

      • Step1 – Annual Membership is preferred to be paid via the Join tab on the website.

        • Guest  status is free and valid for your 1st-time visiting the club (you’ll still need to pay the ticket cost for the event you are attending). 2nd-time attending the club will require you to purchase an Annual Membership.
      • Step 2 – Membership form – you’ll fill this in online when you click on your Annual Membership type. 

        • Members are eligible for Friday, Saturday  and Sunday Night’s Members Only Draw.

        • This is Drawn at 8.00pm (you need to be at the Club on the night if your name is drawn out to win).

    • Members Events

      • Step 1 – Pre-purchasing your Members Event Tickets:  are preferred to be pre-purchased online by clicking on the ticket types inside the event you are looking at. There is also a function to click on to RSVP you are attending the event from inside the event on the website.

      • Step 2 – Tick you are attending – click on the Event in the Events tab and tick that you are attending.

  • Once you become a Member, you can also search for Club86 (Private Group) in Facebook and send a request to join. 

As numbers will be limited to provide adequate facilities and an open atmosphere:

  • Patrons are requested to purchase their Annual Membership & Members Event Tickets online. 

    • If needing to make a payment in person at Club86, payments can be made in cash or via Credit Card, Debit Card or bank transfer.

  • Bookings will not be accepted from patrons who have previously failed to attend after booking unless accompanied by full payment.

18 Years and over – ID may be required.


Lockers are provided for patron’s use if required.

  • A $20 key deposit is required to access the lockers.

  • This money will be refunded when the key is returned.

  • A cloakroom is available for bulkier items like coats, etc.


Lingerie/Fetish apparel/Nudity/Robes:

  • Walking around in your lingerie or fetish apparel or nude is allowed in all areas inside the club (with the exception of the stairs and entrance foyer).

  • For the comfort and hygiene of all, please ensure that a towel is always used when sitting naked.

  • Robes are provided for anyone wishing to use one (located near the lockers) – please place them in a playroom laundry basket at the end of your night.

  • Sex is allowed in all areas of the club (with the exception of the bar area, stairs and entrance foyer).


Before leaving a play room:

  • Please place in the bins provided – used condoms, condom wrappers, wet wipes, tissues, etc.

  • Please strip the bed and place the used sheet/used towels in the laundry basket provided.

    • From the spare sheets in the drawers, please replace the sheet on the bed. If there are no spare sheets in the room,  inform a staff member and they will source a replacement sheet to replace on the bed.

Staff will regularly clean the rooms, empty the laundry baskets and replace the linen.

Club 86 strongly encourages safe sex practices and provides condoms, lube, etc in a number of locations around the club and in the playrooms (however sexual practices always remains the choice of those involved).


Parking: There is ample free street parking around the venue.



  • Club 86 is a non-smoking venue – patrons may smoke at the rear of the venue, provided they meet the casual dress rule.
  • No Drug Use under any circumstances is allowed.
    • Any person found in breach of this will be promptly removed from the venue and barred for Life.

The group room opposite the locker area is an open play area and the door must remain open at all times.
All other rooms may be open or closed.

  • Door shut and blinds shut – no one comes in.

  • Door shut and blinds open – no one comes in however patrons can watch through the blinds.

  • Door open – patrons are free to enter the room, observe and participate if invited.

  • Staff reserve the right to enter any room, at any time, for any reason.

No photographs/videos are allowed in the public areas, unless by staff with consent from those present.

  • Photos/videos may be taken in closed areas with the permission of all involved. 

    • Anyone in breach of this rule will be excluded from the club permanently.

  • Photos related to your night at Club86 taken of your costumes / group / friends can be submitted as a post to the Club86 (Private Group) FB page to the admins to review to consider for posting of the night, but MUST NOT SHOW NUDITY for FB rules purposes. In the description if the picture contains someone that isn’t you, it must state (“Photo/video taken with permission of those in the image”.)


For local accommodation options – text 0492 854 559.

If you are exchanging contact details with your partner, please organise this between yourselves during your night (we prefer the Club not be asked to assist at a later date).


Please do not enter: The area behind the bar, the kitchen area, the office area or the storage area, unless invited by management. These areas are clearly signed.

A shower is available for patron use.

  • Clean towels are available in the locker area and throughout the club.
  • Complimentary deodorant etc is provided for your use.
  • Complimentary mouthwash is provided in the bathroom. Please use the single-use cups provided and dispose of them in the bin provided.

Unisex toilets are provided for patrons.

Please raise cleanliness or other issues immediately with staff.


To avoid confusion and potential misunderstandings, if you find another patron has left clothes or valuables behind please contact one of our staff members and they will place the items in a secure area until collected.

To assist with the safety and security of all patron’s security cameras are installed in public areas. This is to provide assistance in the event of an unfortunate incident. The system is a closed system with no internet access. All recorded data will be deleted after 24 hours.


Management reserves the right to exclude any patron at any time and to determine the duration of the exclusion.